Chicago White Sox Begin Crosstown Classic with Serious Mometum

By Bryan Lutz
Chicago White Sox
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It appeared that the Chicago White Sox‘ season was going to be a lost cause no more than a couple of weeks ago. But in typical White Sox fashion, they have rebounded from a slow start to remain competitive in the American League Central.

After sweeping the Miami Marlins in a three-game set, the White Sox have reached the .500 mark and are only four games behind the Detroit Tigers for the AL Central lead. Next on the schedule for the White Sox are the crosstown rival Chicago Cubs in a unique four-game set. The first two games will be played at US Cellular Field, while the last two games will be played at Wrigley Field.

For the past few seasons, it feels like this has been a measuring stick for the White Sox; every season starts out slow before the Pale Hose take on the Cubs. Most of the time, it has been the White Sox that head into the first series — and in this case the only series — with momentum. This year is no different, seeing as the White Sox have been playing solid baseball for about three weeks now.

I know most fans treat this series like it’s the biggest thing in the world — which it’s not. In fact, this is probably my least favorite series of the season for the White Sox, because I honestly could not care less about the Cubs. However, a majority of each team’s fan base seem to care way too much about the other team, making me endure some ridiculous smack talk for half a week.

Nevertheless, things are on the up and up for the White Sox, and facing another bad team like the Cubs should only help keep their momentum strong heading into June.

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