Los Angeles Angels Are Getting Healthy and Hot at the Right Time

By Bryan Lutz
Tim Heitman – USA TODAY Sports

It was only a week ago when the Los Angeles Angels were trailing the Chicago White Sox 4-0 in the fourth inning that I kept thinking to myself: there is no conceivable way that Mike Scioscia would be able to keep his job with his team failing this badly.

Within a blink of an eye, however, the Angels rallied to not only get back into that ballgame, but win it in convincing fashion. Since then, the Angels haven’t lost a game, proving that they aren’t done just yet.

To say that 2013 hasn’t gone according to plan for the Los Angeles Angels would be about as big an understatement as one could possibly make right now. Between the failures of Josh Hamilton, the injury to Jered Weaver and the makeshift pitching staff they have had to assemble, it’s really not that surprising that the Angels are where they are. However, things are changing rather quickly for Halos.

Hamilton is finally starting to hit the baseball consistently and with power, giving the Angels the murderer’s row that they thought they were getting when they signed him. Weaver is nearing a return to the mound, which is definitely the biggest need the Angels have right now. Lastly, the bullpen is starting to fill up with some arms that were previously injured.

I still feel the Angels’ pitching staff will be the reason why they don’t make the playoffs this season, but I’m willing to bet that this hot streak isn’t just some fluky streak some teams have. I would say the Angels’ ceiling is around 92 games, while their floor could be as low as 80. But, this team is proving that they are definitely in it for the long haul.

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