Subway Series: New York Yankees vs. New York Mets Not What it Once Was

By B.L. Lippert
Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports

The New York Yankees and New York Mets will only meet four times this year in the famed “Subway Series.”  Normally, there is a three-game series, played Friday to Sunday, in each of the teams’ ballparks.  However, that is not the case this year. The first two games will be played at Citi Field on Monday and Tuesday, with the action then moving to Yankee Stadium for games on Wednesday and Thursday.

The reduction in games won’t likely draw the ire of Yankee or Met fans who almost seem bored with the once heated inter-city series. In it’s infancy, this series had a palpable feeling of angst and anxiety associated with it.  Neither team wanted to lose to the crosstown rival, so the Subway Series had an October feel to it … even in June or July.

Oh, and it helped that the games often lived up to their billing.

The series started back in 1997 and has had some epic moments in that relatively short amount of time. There was the classic Roger Clemens and Mike Piazza showdown, Carlos Delgado‘s nine RBIs, and Luis Castillo dropping a game-ending pop-up.  Mets fans will remember David Wright‘s walk-off single against Mariano Rivera in 2006, while Yankee fans will of course remember the 2000 World Series they won, giving them three titles in a row.

Unfortunately, those moments are few and far in-between now. Perhaps this year’s series will move the needle some because it’s the final one for Rivera, but I doubt it. There will be no Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, or Johan Santana in this series.  It will say “New York” on the Yankee gray uniforms, but most Met fans won’t recognize a majority of the players in them.

And while David Wright is a bona fide major league star, he’s the only one on the Mets nowadays.

This series just doesn’t have the same sizzle it once did. The Subway Series was always the most anticipated interleague match-up in all of baseball, but it’s become watered-down. Familiarity can breed contempt, but as we’ve found out, it can also breed complacency.

B.L. is a sports writer for Rant Sports and can be followed @coachlip or on his Facebook page.

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