2013 MLB Draft: 15 of the Hottest Hitters in the Draft

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2013 MLB Draft: Top 15 Hitters

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Every Major League Baseball fan wants to see their favorite team select the next five-tool phenom at the 2013 NFL Draft. It is impossible for a fan not to have such hopes. When you look at last year’s rookies, it is hard to argue that thought.

This year’s draft stock is filled with talent of all types. There is a surplus of pitching talent to be found without the ranks of the MLB hopeful, but it is the pitcher’s nemesis that we are going to focus on with this slideshow.

The hitters this year could easily rival the pitching talent this year with power being represented at practically every position on the field. If we were to look at college hitters alone, we could find enough hitting talent to make up a list of 50, or more, players that have the potential to knock the ball all over the field.

It is nice to get a defensive genius, or an ace on the mound. But nothing compares to the sound of a perfectly hit pitch, and everyone loves the long ball. It is what the fans come to the park to see, and it is what the owners want to give the fans. That is why it should come as no surprise when the top 15-20 players with hitting prowess are selected in the first round.

The following are 15 of the most dynamic hitters heading into this year’s draft. They have been selected for other skills as well, but it is the hitting power that drives this list. If you feel there is a name that was left off of the list, or a player that does not belong, please be sure to use the comment section below and make your voice heard. You can also join the conversation on twitter using the hash tag #RML, for Rant My Life.

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15. Jimmy Yezzo, Delaware, 1B/INF

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Following a productive season, the switch-hitting Jimmy Yezzo starts our list after a season of batting .431 with a .751 SLG.

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14. Matt Oberste, Oklahoma, 1B/INF

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Matt Oberste is sure to have increased his stock after going 2 for 4, and driving in four runs in the Oklahoma Sooners 7-2 victory in the Big 12 Title Game.

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13. Aaron Judge, Fresno State, CF

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Aaron Judge stands 6-7, and weighs in at 230+. He uses his size extremely well when at the plate, and his power is the one stand out tool that he has. With work, Judge could become elite, but he may need to shorten his swing, and work on squaring up more consistently

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12. Phil Ervin, Samford, OF

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Phil Erving’s strength comes in his bat speed and power. He needs to be more consistent, though, which only puts him at 12 on this list.

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11. Stuart Turner, Ole Miss, C

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Stuart Turner could go high in this year’s draft for his defensive strength behind the plate, but it is his power and swing that have him on our list as one of the best hitting prospect in the draft.

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10. Eric Jagielo, Notre Dame, 3B

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Voted the Big East Player of the Year, Eric Jagielo starts the top 10 hitters in the upcoming draft. He has the potential to become an everyday starter, but there are questions concerning his ability to become more than an average player.

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9. Austin Wilson, Stanford, RF

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Austin Wilson could easily have gone higher on this list due to his power alone, but hitting inconsistencies keep him out of the upper echelon. With work, he could become an absolute star at the next level.

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8. Daniel Palka, Georgia Tech, 1B

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Daniel Palka makes an appearance on this list due to his ability to hit to all fields, and the power he is able to incorporate in his swing. The potential he has shown could make him a top 10-15 selection come June’s draft.

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7. Danny Collins, Troy, 3B/INF/OF

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Danny Collins spent much of last season as one of the hottest hitters in the game. Injury forced him out of the infield, but his athleticism made him a natural in the outfield, and his bat doesn’t care where he plays defense.

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6. Mason Katz, LSU, 1B/INF

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Mason Katz is an interesting prospect. He hit for a .462 OBP and a .672 SLG, which should grab the attention of many MLB teams come draft day. The issue is that many might be thrown off by is his lack of speed, which may have been the reason he was not selected last year, and opted to play a senior season at LSU.

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5. Hunter Renfroe, Mississippi State, OF

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Hunter Renfroe has gained plenty of attention over his last collegiate season, and could go within the first 10 picks. His plate discipline is something that needs to be worked on, an issue that landed him on our Top 15 Projects list.

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4. Colin Moran, North Carolina, 3B

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Colin Moran is everything a team could want in a hitter. Nearly every mock draft on the Internet has Moran going in the top 10 on draft day, and rumors of him actually going to the Houston Astros first over-all have been picking up speed.

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3. D.J. Peterson, New Mexica, 1B/3B

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Extremely disciplined at the plate, D.J. Peterson is full of power and promises to be a talented player at the next level. Another top 10 possibility, Peterson’s .798 SLG is second best among all college players.

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2. Hunter Dozier, Stephen F. Austin State University, SS

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Hunter Dozier hits the ball hard, and he hits the ball far. He hit for a .394 average with a .498 OBP, and could be a star at the next level. Whether he is, or isn’t, likely depends on whether he is able to hold down a shortstop position, or if he is moved to third base. At third, his bat will carry less weight, but he will still have what it takes to become an everyday starter.

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1. Kris Bryant, San Diego, RF

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There was probably little doubt that Kris Bryant would top this list, and with a .325 average, a .504 OBP, and an astounding .822 SLG, will undoubtedly be the first slugger taken off of the board, most likely within the first five picks.