Toronto Blue Jays' Colby Rasmus Faces Brother For First Time In Majors

By robertjohnson
Toronto BLue Jays- Colby Rasmus
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Tonight’s game between the Toronto Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves marks the first time that brothers Colby Rasmus and Cory Rasmus will face off against each other at the major league level.

Colby has been playing in the majors since 2009 when he made his big league debut with the St. Louis Cardinals, but for the younger Cory, this is his first season with the Braves and he recently made his first appearance last week against the Minnesota Twins. Unlike his older brother Colby, Cory is a pitcher, and this season he has only pitched one and two third innings for the Braves while giving up two earned runs.

Amidst a four game interleague set with the Braves, it was a chance for the brothers to play against each other. Cory  is not a starting pitcher so we won’t know until it happens, but it would be very interesting to see him pitch against his older brother at some point during the home and home series.

Earlier today during batting practice, the whole family which included their other brother Cyle and father Tony all got together for some pretty cool pictures. It’s not everyday for a father to say two of his sons are playing against each other at the major league level. It should also be noted that the last time Tony Rasmus was in attendance Colby hit a home run, so maybe there will be a little more good luck for the Jays.

The Rasmus brothers are not the only siblings in this series as B.J and Justin Upton are playing together for the Braves. Hopefully at some point during the four games we will see a matchup between Colby and Cory.

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