Chicago White Sox RP Nate Jones Continues to Dissappoint

By Bryan Lutz
Nate Jones Chicago White Sox
Tim Heitman – USA TODAY Sports

To say that Monday’s game against the crosstown Chicago Cubs didn’t go well for the Chicago White Sox would be like saying General Custer’s battle plan didn’t really work out.

On the back of Jeff Samardzija‘s shutout, the Cubs clobbered the White Sox 7-0 on Monday night. There weren’t a lot of positives in this game for the White Sox, so I am just going to discuss one of the negatives: that  would be reliever Nate Jones, who continues to disappoint on a nightly basis.

Jones now has an ERA closer to four digits than three digits, which is a pretty telling sign that things are not working. I have never seen a player with the stuff that Jones has struggle as much as he does. I mean, he has a 98-plus mph fastball, a pretty good slider and a changeup that is about 16-18 mph less than his fastball, but he still gets hit like he’s tossing a beach ball up there.

Another thing to point out about Jones’ struggles is that right-handers hit him harder than left-handers. The split last year was over a 100-point difference BA, and while this year the difference isn’t that high, it’s still there. Basically, Jones is one of the most confusing pitchers that I have seen on the White Sox in some years.

If you are one of those glass half-full type of guys, Jones’ advanced statistics are telling a totally different story; his FIP is 3.62 and his strand rate is a ridiculously low 45.8 percent. That number is beyond comical when you take into consideration that the league average is 75 percent.

Nevertheless, it might be a good idea for the Sox to send Jones down and have him work on some things, because getting shellacked in blowout games isn’t going to help anyone. Or, they can just hope that these advanced statistics are right and his numbers will start to even out.

Either way, the vulture isn’t getting any of the wins he had last season. He clearly does not have that will to win.

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