Mark Teixeira Returns for the New York Yankees — Now What?

By B.L. Lippert
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees face a few tough decisions as some of their star players return from extended stints on the DL. One such decision will involve sending down either Lyle Overbay or David Adams with Mark Teixeira set to rejoin the team this weekend when the Yankees take on the rival Boston Red Sox.

There’s no doubt Teixeira will play whenever he can, but he’ll probably get a day of rest at least once a week so as not to re-injure his wrist in his comeback. Kevin Youkilis is expected to come back from his DL trip any day now too. If the Yankees want to keep Adams, he can play third and Youkilis can play first on Teixeira’s off days. Or, they can keep Overbay, let him be the backup at first and serve as a solid pinch hitter off the bench.

Overbay has played better than many Yankee fans expected he would. His 28 RBIs puts him second on the team, only trailing second baseman Robinson Cano‘s 34. Perhaps the most impressive part about that is the manner in which he’s gotten them. He’s had a litany of clutch hits, including an 11th-inning home run against the Tampa Bay Rays to spark a 4-3 victory on Saturday night.

Adams, meanwhile, has looked like he could potentially be an everyday player for New York in future years. His swing has looked short, compact and consistent. He’s hitting .295 and has driven the ball to all fields, all while playing solid defensively.

The only problem with keeping him is that he’ll be sitting much more than playing. He’ll be able to fill in at third when Youkilis sits or has to play first when Teixeira is out, but that might get him 10 at-bats a week at the most. Organizations generally don’t like to bring young players up to be a backups and have them miss out on at-bats in the minor leagues.

Either way, the Yankees have a problem a lot of teams wouldn’t mind having: send Overbay out and give up a veteran left-handed bat, or send down a rookie who looks like a professional hitter in the making.

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