Michael Cuddyer is Important to Colorado Rockies Success

By David Miller
michael cuddyer rockies
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Cuddyer’s impact on the Colorado Rockies began with a profane t-shirt during spring training and has continued to be a force on the team ever since. From the ‘motivational’ shirts that told the Rockies to beat the other team instead of themselves to his current offensive output, Cuddyer has been a constant positive for this franchise all year long. He is the kind of guy that makes a difference whether he goes 4 for 4 or 0 for 4. Just being there makes a difference.

Of course his .321 batting average isn’t too shabby either in the way of assisting his team. He has eight homers but only 29 RBI. I don’t mean to suggest that almost 30 RBI before June is a bad thing but Cuddyer has hit well enough to be able to have more RBI than that. He needs to see a few more people on base in front of him. This might mean shifting the line-up around by Walt Weiss. Whatever they need to do, even if it’s another profane motivational shirt, they need to see some rear ends on the bags when Cuddyer is on base. That will lead to more runs scoring which of course is what they need to win.

All things considered I think the Rockies would have a hard time asking for more from Cuddyer. He wasn’t the biggest name floating around during the offseason but then again such things as additions to a baseball roster isn’t about how big of a name someone is, it is about how well they fit. Cuddyer fits perfectly in Colorado and will surely fit well there for some time to come.

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