Minnesota Twins’ Wilkin Ramirez Realizes Mistake After Fact

By Michael Terrill
Minnesota Twins’ Wilkin Ramirez Realizes Mistake After Fact
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Twins outfielder Wilkin Ramirez suffered a concussion in Saturday’s 3-2 victory over the Detroit Tigers. However, when team doctors informed Ramirez of the injury he was not pleased. In fact, he yelled at manager Ron Gardenhire and the doctor who diagnosed him after he was placed on the seven-day disabled list.

The 27-year-old realized he made a mistake about the doctor’s decision to keep him out of the lineup after he threw up on the plane ride to Milwaukee.

“I guess the doctor was right,” Ramirez said, according to MinnesotaTwins.com. “I started to throw up and feel weird. Right now (Monday), I don’t feel very good. I have a headache, last night, too.”

Ramirez suffered the concussion after he collided with left fielder Josh Willingham in the bottom of the sixth inning on Saturday. Willingham was clearly prepared to make the catch, but Ramirez never stopped running as he was determined to make the grab just in front of the warning track.

Gardenhire was not pleased to have his center fielder yelling at him after the doctors noted Ramirez failed his concussion tests. The fact is the doctors are paid a lot of money to make the correct diagnose, and even though no one is perfect, it is fairly obvious when someone’s mind is not 100 percent.

“I got yelled at; everybody got yelled at,” Gardenhire told Minnesota Twins.com. “But when he got sick on the airplane, he realized the doctor was right. Shocker.”

Ramirez is batting .244 with five RBI, three doubles and three runs in 45 at-bats this season. The third year player has missed several games throughout the season with various injuries and paternity leave.

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