New York Mets: Subway Series Has Lost its Flair

By Jerry Elsing
Anthony Gruppuso- USA TODAY Sports

While sitting at home watching the New York Mets take on the New York Yankees, a few past memories from this great rivalry crossed my mind. The Roger Clemens broken bat play, the 2000 World Series, and even the infamous Luis Castillo dropped pop up come to mind. When the camera pans around the stadium and you see all the empty seats, one thing is for certain; the Subway Series doesn’t have the flair or the draw that it once had.

The first reason is obvious; the Mets Just aren’t good.  Watching that lineup at the plate was like getting teeth pulled at the dentist as it’s almost unbearable.  Most of those guys have no idea what they are doing at the plate.  Then you have the injury riddled Yankees who most people can’t even name their starting lineup right now, but they continue to win and have help on the way with the return of some of their superstars pretty soon.  With the Mets being as bad as they are, people just don’t want to dish out the money to come to Citi Field and watch the team lose.

With little star power in either lineup, fans just don’t have interest in watching the games as they once did.  When you look back earlier in this series you had players like Clemens, Mike Piazza, a young Derek Jeter, and all the other big-time stars of the day.  Yesterday when you watched the game you had two major stars in the league in David Wright and Robinson Cano, but other than that you didn’t have much.

Tonight we will probably see a boost in attendance and ratings only because the Dark Knight of Gotham, Matt Harvey, is on the mound for the Mets.  He is becoming must see TV, and people can’t get enough of him.  Other than this game most people don’t really care about this series anymore, and it’s a shame that it’s losing its luster.

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