Will Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Have a Better Season than His Triple Crown Campaign?

By Bryan Lutz
Tim Heitman – USA TODAY Sports

I know a lot of baseball fans want robot umpires to fix the missed calls that happen in the game. But after Miguel Cabrera do what he’s doing again this season, I’m not so sure that he isn’t a robot himself.

Although I didn’t think it was possible, the Detroit Tigers‘ third baseman is on pace to have an even better season than his triple crown season from a year ago.

As it stands right now, Cabrera is on pace to have about 170 RBIs. Normally, I don’t really look at what a player is on pace for, since it’s highly unlikely that they can keep up such a pace. In Cabrera’s case, however, I think he might actually pull it off because he’s in a perfect situation.

Between the protection of Prince Fielder and the top of the Tigers’ batting order that includes Austin Jackson (when healthy) and Torii Hunter, it’s very possible Cabrera sets some RBI records. Outside of that, Cabrera is hitting in the high .370s, which is about .40 points higher than last season. There’s really no need to get into the home run total, seeing that Cabrera will likely never reach the 50s because of his style of hitting.

This begs the question, though: even if Cabrera does not win the triple crown, will he have a better season than last year when he did? I definitely think it’s a possibility. The reason why I felt Mike Trout should have won the MVP last season was not only because he was better than Cabrera, but that awarding an MVP based on winning something impressive — yet arbitrary — like the triple crown isn’t exactly the best way to do things.

I mean, what if Cabrera has a slash line of .360/.440/.660 and leads the league in average and RBI, but Chris Davis wins the home run title by two? Will people still say Cabrera’s triple crown year is better?

It’s a pretty silly debate, but a debate nonetheless. I’m willing to bet a lot of the older baseball fans will still take Cabrera’s triple crown season over his 2013 campaign, even if his numbers are better.

What say you? Do you think it’s possible Cabrera can have a better season even if he doesn’t win the triple crown?

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