Pittsburgh Pirates' Bryan Morris Travels A Lot

By Zach Morrison
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I hope for his sake that Pittsburgh Pirates right-handed pitcher Bryan Morris isn’t afraid of flying in airplanes. Morris is the guy that seems to be involved in every single roster move made by the Pirates in 2013.

He seems to be optioned to Triple-A Indianapolis to make room for a player coming off the disabled list every week at this point. For the Pirates, it is easier to option Morris instead of some of the veteran relievers because Morris still has an option remaining, so they don’t need to try and clear him through waivers.

The Pirates placed veteran relief pitcher Jose Contreras on the disabled list on Tuesday due to lower back inflammation. Just three days after being optioned to Triple-A to make room for lefty Mike Zagurski, Morris was recalled again.

In most cases, a player that is optioned needs to spend at least ten days in the minor leagues. In this case, however, since there was an injury, the Pirates were able to recall Morris even though it was just three days.

In his short time with the Pirates in 2013, Contreras had been very bad. In five innings, the 41-year-old has pitched to a 2.60 WHIP with seven hits given up and six walks issued. I’m no genius, but even I know that a 10.8 BB/9 is really, really bad.

Morris has been much better while playing for the Pirates, with a 1.149 WHIP in 15.2 innings. He walks too many batters (4.6 BB/9), but he doesn’t allow many hits (5.7 H/9).

With the Pirates contending at this point, if Morris is able to continue his success, I think he needs to stay in MLB. He surely shouldn’t be optioned again if/when Contreras is healthy enough to return.

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