Arizona Diamondbacks Put Win-Streak on Hold After Game Postponed

By Michael Terrill
Arizona Diamondbacks Put Win-Streak on Hold After Game Postponed
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks will have to wait at least one more day before they can attempt to win their fourth game a row. The Diamondbacks defeated the Texas Rangers in a double-header on Monday night in Arizona. However, Wednesday night’s contest in Texas was postponed due to bad weather.

“The field took a ton of water,” manager Kirk Gibson said, according to “They wanted to play a game tonight and we didn’t want to play a doubleheader. It was just dangerous. It was really muddy on the baselines. Part of the field was OK. Realistically, the groundskeeper said that they need to get some spikes in it and let it air out so it’s playable.”

A violent thunderstorm with plenty of rain and gusty winds occurred approximately two hours before first pitch. The grounds crew in Arlington did everything they could to get the field ready, but the wind was so intense that it was even difficult to get the tarp down.

The good news is there is not supposed to be any storms coming through during Thursday morning’s contest. However, it is possible that a stray thunderstorm could come into play if the game goes into extra innings.

Brandon McCarthy, who was scheduled to start on Wednesday, will remain the starting pitcher for Thursday’s game.

“It’s not a big deal. You start to get started, but it’s not a huge issue,” McCarthy said, according to “I was on the same page everyone else was. Everybody had said it was going to happen. It was just a matter of when.”

It is not known exactly when the game will be made up, but it will have to occur when both teams have a day off.

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