Oakland A's Pitcher, Manager Come Out in Defense of Their Park

By Thomas Emerick
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, no one wants to think of their own ballpark as a dump. Any disrespect to the home venue is taken as disrespect by the players, managers and entire organization.

Such was the case when respected CBS Sports writer Jon Heyman tweeted his dismay over the Bay Area showdown between the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants taking place at the Athletics’ venue and not at AT&T Park.

“A shame the a’s and giants have to play these games at the coliseum while ATandT sits empty. #shame,” Heyman tweeted.

The Athletics heard this loud and clear.

“If you come out and experience the atmosphere at our ballpark, maybe you wouldn’t say that,” Oakland manager Bob Melvin said, according to The San Jose Mercury News. “Because it’s a pretty dynamic atmosphere, with those fans being very vocal. It’s unlike anywhere else.” He then added that when the A’s played the Giants at home “it was like a big, 35,000 capacity bar.”

A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle also took none too kindly to the comment as well, tweeting “I can see why you don’t like it. We have a strict No High Horse policy at O.Co.” Take that zing! But no really, well played.

San Francisco’s ballpark does possess an amazing view by the bay and helps visitors take in the beauty of the city. It was chosen as the 2008 Sports Facility of the Year by Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily and is the first privately financed ballpark since 1962, so there’s no denying the greatness of the Giants’ home stadium.

However, O.co Coliseum won’t sit idle has writers take shots at it; the A’s obviously will defend their 40-plus year-old home.

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