Trevor Bauer's Rap Song About as Bad as Super Bowl Shuffle

By Thomas Emerick
Cleveland Indians’ Trevor Bauer Pitches Well After Promotion
Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer has gained far more notoriety over the past few months of his young career for his rap lyrics than throwing baseballs toward home plate, which is usually a bad thing. It certainly was when one of his songs was ostensibly directed a teammate of his while on the Arizona Diamondbacks, before he was jettisoned.

The man Baseball America calls the 14th best prospect has vacillated between Triple-A and the pros this year but has notched a 2.76 ERA in three major-league starts. The latest song out of Bauer is appearing to be something far more positive for his organization, giving many of his teammates props and predicting the Indians continue climbing from division baseman towards the pennant.

Cleveland currently sits at 28-24 in second-place in the AL Central. While he didn’t wait until there was more certainty in his team winning anything as with the Chicago Bears‘ “Super Bowl Shuffle”, it might actually be more bearable to listen to. Then again, I’d rather not ever hear either.

The lyrics to “Gutter to the Grail”, as transcribed by USA Today Sports.

From the gutter to the grail
We rise up to win it
Wahoos on first with their eyes on the pennant
Goin’ all in
Cleveland Indians
From the gutter to the bling
Now they call us champions

(Repeat chorus)

This is how we do it
With beauty we be movin’
Takin’ bases with ease
Born and bred
We are the truest
Got Ubaldo always cruisin’
Gettin’ stupid, throwin’ cheddar
Other teams are lookin’ clueless
Can’t nobody do it better

We get knocks
We flash leather for days
Kip and Cabby amaze
With the Top 10 plays

Cody Allen — turn the heat up
Reynolds hittin’ cleanup
You know we never ease up
2013, now we’re all up for the ring
Nasty Masty with the sinks
Scotty K with the swings
And whiffs (whiffs)

Hand it off to Smith
Just a flick of the wrist
Gettin’ filthy with the pitch
To Santana at the dish
Whippin’ the hose out
CP in the ninth
You know he gonna close out

So what do y’all know about Swisher and the swags?
Smokin’ pitchers like cigars
Are you picturing that?

(Chorus x 2)

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