Atlanta Braves' B.J. Upton Is Giving Team No Choice but to Bench Him

By Bryan Lutz
Rick Osentoski – USA TODAY Sports

You know when you are in a movie theater and you are watching the previews, critiquing them with your friends? Okay, picture yourself viewing a preview full of bad CGI, horrible acting and what seems to be a stupid plot.

Well, that’s exactly how every Atlanta Braves fan felt when the team signed B.J. Upton to an $85 million contract.

There were so many red flags suggesting that Upton was on the decline heading into free agency, but that didn’t stop the Braves from making that fatal mistake.

Essentially all of Upton’s numbers are on the comical side of things, with his 34.6 percent strikeout rate being the most embarrassing. Due to Upton’s futility, the Braves really have no choice but to bench their multi-million dollar man, which is definitely the right move especially since Evan Gattis continues to become more of legend each and every game he plays, and Jordan Schafer is doing everything the Braves thought B.J. could do.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see that Upton isn’t getting playing time due to the fact he is owed so much money, as it seems like that is the case in a lot of those situations. Other GMs need to look at Upton’s deal and think of it as a reminder whenever they decide to go nuts in free agency.

So, when a player is declining at a rapid rate, it might be wise to stay away from him — okay, GMs?

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