Chicago Cubs' Scott Feldman Might Be Team's Best Trade Chip

By Bryan Lutz
Scott Feldman - Chicago Cubs
Dennis Wierzbicki – USA Today Sports

The Chicago Cubs are riding high after sweeping the crosstown rival Chicago White Sox and pummeling the Arizona Diamondbacks today, but that doesn’t change the fact that they will not be competing for a division title this season.

With that being said, however, the Cubs are getting some really solid performances out of players that were afterthoughts during the off-season. One major example that falls into that category is Scott Feldman, which is why the Cubs should/will trade the veteran starting pitcher.

When I look at Feldman, I can’t help but think of Paul Maholm, who was traded from the Cubs to the Atlanta Braves at last year’s trading deadline. Maholm was moved when he was in the midst of a hot streak, and really helped the Braves get into the postseason.

Considering Feldman is sporting a 2.82 ERA, it might be a good idea for the Cubs to move him before it’s too late. It’s rather evident that the BABIP monster will take a bite out of the righty soon, seeing as his .254 BABIP this season is .40 points lower than his career average. And it’s not like Feldman can rely on his stuff to get him through some troubling times, even though his K/9 has improved.

Feldman’s success just goes to show that one-year deals are never a bad idea, especially from a team that isn’t ready to compete like the Cubs. Theo Epstein has done a pretty solid job since taking control of the Cubs, and Feldman’s success is just another notch on the wunderkind’s belt.

Now let’s see how much he gets back on his investment.

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