Chicago White Sox Need to Start Selling their Assets

By Bryan Lutz
Kelvin Kuo – USA TODAY Sports

After being swept by the Chicago Cubs in embarrassing fashion, I have to say I am now like Randy Quaid’s character in Major League II. Back it up! Back it up! Turn this place into a parking lot! I’m putting a fork in the Chicago White Sox.

I mean, if the White Sox even had league-average hitting, they would probably be one of the better teams in the American League. But not only do they not have an average offense, it’s entirely possible that it’s the worst in all of baseball – well, if the Miami Marlins didn’t exist, anyway.

Considering that the team has never been shy about waving the white flag prematurely, I am hoping that Rick Hahn isn’t as stubborn as Kenny Williams when it comes to realizing when to close up shop.

Out of all the movable pieces the White Sox have, Alex Rios may be the only player that could net a decent package in return. With the way Rios is playing, he is definitely worth over $25 million, which is the remaining amount that is left on his contract.

So, as much as it pains me to say it, I hope the Sox move Rios as soon as possible. There are definitely teams out there that would be interested in the talented outfielder.

Outside of Rios, the only other player I see the Sox moving is Jesse Crain, who has been one of the best middle relievers in all of baseball in 2013. Middle relief is always one of the most sought-after positions at the deadline, so a reliever that is as good as Crain should bring the White Sox a nice prospect or two.

It always stinks to rebuild, especially when the team looked pretty solid on paper. But the White Sox need to stop this whole “retool” or “reload” idea wand actually stay committed to a rebuild. Even though the fans may not want one, it has become almost a necessity at this point in time.

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