Riding Momentum – A Skill the Houston Astros Must Effectively Embrace

By Daniel Jamieson
Troy Taormina – USA Today Sports

The American League’s whipping-dogs are in relatively fine form of late.

This week, the Astros took three victories from a four-game split-series with the Colorado Rockies, including two wins in Denver. The National League Rockies play with the system that doesn’t use a designated hitter. It was an interesting reversal for the Astros, who joined the DH system of the American League this season.

The Astros’ starting pitching has looked very good but for a couple of moments — the symptom that continues to stunt the progress of the young team. Lucas Harrell showed again that he has good stuff, but he has more walks than he does strikeouts this season, a startling figure that almost came to ruin him early on in the game.

The Astros barely escaped the threatening moments and saved Harrell’s hide with a bizarre six-run sixth inning of their own, something that seemed to bemuse both the Rockies players and crowd. The Astros danced in the dugout with the exuberance of a team that desperately needs this type of exciting spurt to prove to the country that yes, they can.

Matt Dominguez and J.D. Martinez continue to swing the bat with great confidence, and an energy that may begin to give opponents cause for concern. Perhaps these young batters will eventually step to the plate and the opposing defense will dread their presence. Perhaps soon, the Houston Astros will be able to win with regularity, not just in pantomime fashion.

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