Toronto Blue Jays Infield May Become A Whole Lot More Entertaining Soon

By Thom Tsang
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Two Toronto Blue Jays infielders. Two awkward slides into second base. Two stints to the DL. Is it coincidence or fate that they should both be ready to return at around the same time?

Okay, so it’s probably more of the former, but still, you’d have to admit that the timing is somewhat uncanny.

Jose Reyes, who’d been the Blue Jays’ lone spark on offense with ludicrous .395/.465/.526 triple-slash through the first 10 games of the season, is close enough to a return that it’d finally be reasonable to talk about it. He’d been doing fielding drills with the team this week, and the buzz is already beginning to build:

The shortstop is on a fast (what else?) path back to the bluebirds, and the noise he’s bound to generate along the way should only get louder, as the Toronto Sun has reported that Reyes could be taking the all-important step of a rehab stint in a matter of two weeks.

Not only that, but as John Lott of the National Post puts it, he could also be joined by Brett Lawrie, whose own return from a slide-gone-wrong may line him up for a rehab stint within that time frame.

Getting both of them back at the same time around the end of June would be a jolt of energy for the Blue Jays? Talk about a jolt of energy.

That’s not to say that Munenori Kawasaki hasn’t provided his share of that for the Blue Jays in Reyes’ absence of course, even if it’s his future with the club that stands to lose the most with the latest developments.

Still, you’d have to think his better-than-expected on-base abilities (13.7 percent walk rate, fourth on the team!) has warranted at least a bench role with the team even after the left side of the infield returns to health … if not an outright starting job at second base, assuming he can handle things.

I mean, it’s not as though Emilio Bonifacio and Maicer Izturis are showing anything much there, yes? Kawasaki would trump them both at the plate — and in the post-game interview department, too. So, in a few weeks, a Lawrie-Reyes-Kawasaki infield might actually be a possibility.

That, folks, is what you’d call entertainment.

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