Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Caps Eight-Run Fourth with Grand Slam

By David Fouty
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If I told you the Detroit Tigers hit back-to-back-to-back home runs, you would probably assume Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder had something to do with it. That wasn’t the case, as Victor Martinez, Johnny Peralta and Alex Avila all went yard off Baltimore Orioles‘ starter Jason Hammel.

Hammel then stooped to an even lower level by throwing at the head of the ensuing batter, Matt Tuiasosopo, and then trying to act like it was an accident when the home plate umpire immediately tossed him.

A pitcher is unlikely to get the benefit of the doubt after things begin to go awry for him, and Hammel should think twice next time he puts someone’s head in his cross-hairs. There’s a good chance the hitter on the receiving end won’t be as forgiving as Tuiasosopo is.

Hammel put his team in a very precarious position, forcing them to rush a starter to the mound. His decision likely cost his team a game, if the three straight home runs he allowed didn’t.

By the time Cabrera came to the plate in that same inning, the Tigers had already put four runs on the board, had yet to record an out and had the bases loaded. Miggy fell behind in the count, then worked the count full before depositing the ball into the seats beyond the left-field wall.

He has an uncanny knack of waiting until he knows exactly which pitch the pitcher has to throw. He doesn’t have to guess, because he often waits until he knows the pitcher must throw a strike.

Cabrera even impressed the Orioles fans in attendance, inciting an “MVP” chant at the visitors park. Apparently, people in Maryland have seen enough of Cabrera to crown him with the award despite the fact it’s the first day of June.

Cabrera is making hitting look easy. It’s kind of getting old hearing how good he is right now, but in no way is it getting old watching him. If you have yet to tune in, you should try to find some time.

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