Should Pittsburgh Pirates Extend Pedro Alvarez?

By Zach Morrison
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Much has been made recently regarding a potential contract extension for Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Pedro Alvarez. It was reported Friday night by Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review that Alvarez’s agent, Scott Boras, would be open to an extension for the slugging third baseman.

Anyone who follows baseball knows that Boras has a reputation for being a terrible agent to deal with from a team’s perspective. From a player’s perspective? He’s great, he’ll get you your money, and probably more money than you deserve. With that being said, I think an extension for Alvarez should come sometime soon, before Alvarez decides to have a monster season that he is capable of doing. I’m talking 40 home runs in a season; I’m talking 120 RBI. If Alvarez does have a season like that, you can count the Pirates out.

Boras has said that Alvarez has the type of power that every team would want on their roster, and the fact that he plays third base, a weak position industry-wide, only makes him that much more valuable. Boras talked about Alvarez’s future capabilities in Biertempfel’s story:

“People always ask me about the rarity of power at third base. Teams that have a player with the combination of 20 to 30 (home run) power and quality defense at third base are the teams that are usually in the playoffs. It would be a very wise business move for the Pirates to continue their relationship with Pedro. There are 29 other major league teams that would want to do the same thing. He’s gotten better every year — and his best years are yet to come. Part of our evaluation (of any offer) will be about where he is going in his career and what is fair.”

The Pirates have shown a willingness to extend young players before they hit their prime, with some recent examples being outfielder Jose Tabata and superstar outfielder Andrew McCutchen.

How much money would it take to sign Alvarez to an extension? Well, that’s up to Boras to decide. Remember, what Boras wants, Boras gets.


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