Six Man Rotation a Good Move for Los Angeles Angels

By David Miller
jered weaver angels
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball has come a long way over the past hundred years and the emergence of a six-man rotation is proof of that fact. Though it is a little bit taboo to make the move, Mike Scioscia of the Los Angeles Angels thinks the move is perfect right now for his team. He could not be more right. I think the extra day will be much more helpful than it will be hurtful for the Angels as they try to climb their way back into the division race.

The Angels bats are finally getting going consistently and they are no longer near last place. Actually they are no longer in next to last place either. They are in third and scratching their way into the race a little at a time. It is a long road though and that is why the six man rotation is a good idea. Everyone likes an off day here and there. All Scioscia is doing is adding an off day to each starter every time around. Especially going into the hot summer months I think it’s a great move.

Jered Weaver and Tommy Hanson are both good additions to the rotation. Weaver is more of an ace and a stopper while Hanson is getting back to being a good quality innings guy a start at a time. While they are both good there is no reason to send one of the other guys to the bullpen to make room for them right now. By doing this each of the starters will edit their throwing days just enough but the end result will be a more rested starting staff which could lead to a more rested bullpen. That would be good for the Angels all around.

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