Do Surging Chicago Cubs Have What it Takes to Compete This Season?

By David Miller
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First it was the Chicago White Sox that the surging Chicago Cubs took aim at and now it is the Arizona Diamondbacks. More and more of late it seems like it really doesn’t matter who the Cubs are facing. Yes, you read that correctly. The Cubs are playing everyone tough right now and proving to have an ability some might not have thought they had. They are proving that they can beat anyone if they are on their game.

What does that mean for the rest of the season? Honestly I’m not convinced it means a ton right now only because of the National League Central division and how strong it is. The second and third place teams from the NL Central have more wins than any other first place team and the St. Louis Cardinals are showing no signs of slowing things down.

All of that might add up to mean that the Cubs don’t have a huge shot this season but that might be jumping the gun. The Texas Rangers looked as untouchable as anyone just a couple of weeks ago and now the Oakland Athletics are running them down hard. All it would take is a couple of slumps and the Cubs to continue winning and you never know what could happen.

Chances are that the Cubs might miss their chance this season but that doesn’t mean winning is for nothing. Above all else they can play spoiler towards the end of the year if nothing else. Best case scenario however they could have a chance at a wildcard berth with the new rules if they keep winning. They are at least trying to make things interesting and that is more than could be said in a long time.

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