What Can Chicago Cubs do with Carlos Marmol?

By Daniel Schmelzer
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This may be putting it mildly, but it was another tough outing for Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol on Saturday. 

He entered a tie ball game in the eight inning, promptly loads the bases with two walks and a double, and gave up a grand slam to Paul Goldschmidt. The Cubs ended up losing to the Arizona Diamondbacks by a score of 12-4 after winning their previous five games.

Needless to say, something has to be done with Marmol.

His ERA now sits at 5.48. He is allowing a horrendous 7.2 walks per nine innings, and is being hit harder than ever. Marmol is not awful every time that he takes the mound, but when he does not have his command, he gets shelled. Batters literally just stand in the batters box and take every pitch, knowing that he will not throw a strike.

When he finally does, it is a much-too-hittable pitch, and the opposing batters continually crush the ball like Goldschmidt did.

The Cubs have limited options when it comes to getting rid of Marmol. With him being a veteran player, they cannot send him to the minor leagues without his consent. No team is crazy enough to trade anything for him and he is still owed over $6 million on his contract, so releasing him means eating all of that money for a guy that will not even pitch for the team anymore.

I think Marmol needs a break. It is time to get him off of the active roster. The Cubs’ front office need to try and make up an injury to send him to the disabled list. I know it sounds shady, but trust me, it happens all of the time. If they can give him a couple of weeks of rest and then have him pitch in a few minor league rehab assignments, maybe it will clear his head and he will come back with some command.

They have to do something instead of just continually throw him out there, and I do not see another option.

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