Why Must Everyone Find Fault in the Atlanta Braves?

By David Miller
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Raise your hand if you would like for your favorite team to begin June with a 5.5 game lead on second place in their division. Wow, that’s almost every single fan in Major League Baseball. Wait there are a few grumblers with their arms folded, oh it’s a large section of the Atlanta Braves fan base who apparently even that far in front need to look for a reason to complain and whine about something. What is the problem with a team that is eleven games over .500 and running away with first place? If you ask many Braves fans they have a lot of answers.

Well we are paying too much for B.J. Upton and Justin Upton is slumping too. Jason Heyward hasn’t gotten going yet and oh my goodness why do we still have Dan Uggla? We have no one in the bullpen now except for Craig Kimbrell and he might fall apart soon too. Basically it’s just a team that will win some games now but not go very far into the playoffs. That is largely what you will read and hear from many in the Braves so-called fan base.

What you might hear from the real fans is something more like this. B.J. is only slightly off his average pace and a good month of June would get him right on track. He has never been a huge homer and RBI guy and is usually more about scoring runs. Give him some time for goodness sake and how about trying to support him instead of booing him every time he gets out.

J-Up is fine. He is going through a slump like everyone does. How could you forget a legendary April this quickly? Come on fans! Uggla has played solidly all around and is also barely off of his pace for homers and RBI. His average is down but it was up several points in May from April. How about supporting progress for a change?

I get so tired of the so-called fans that grumble so quickly. Immediately I think of former right fielder David Justice’s comments about the Atlanta fans during the World Series in 1995. He was right about what he said and it ignited the true fans to show up and prove him wrong which is exactly why he said it. I think all of this grumbling comes back to a problem with point of view.

Some parts of the fan base will never forgive the Braves for winning 14 consecutive division titles and only one World Series. The fans that have brains meanwhile, the true fans with a heart for the Braves would be thankful for a franchise that built the model for every successful franchise going today and in the process set a baseball altering record that will likely never be broken. See, it’s all in how you look at it.

Those that only see a team that has a few struggling players ignore the fact of a 33-22 record going into Sunday. Stop looking at everything that is wrong and for goodness sake focus on the good things that are going on. Otherwise just stop calling yourself a fan and begin cheering for the Washington Nationals.

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