Atlanta Braves' Starting Rotation Rides Momentum

By Daniel Kock
Paul Maholm Atlanta Braves
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

The Atlanta Braves have been a streaky team this season and will likely stay that way for the entire year. The Braves have already put together winning streaks of 10 and eight games, but have lost three or more games in a row on four different occasions.

Most of the attention goes to the offense as they hit a lot of home runs and strike out a lot, and they undoubtedly play a role in the ups and downs.

However, the starting rotation also seems to feed off previous outings — both good and bad.

Check out the earned run averages for the starting pitchers following a win:  Mike Minor (1.08); Paul Maholm (1.14); Kris Medlen (2.41); Julio Teheran (3.42); Tim Hudson (4.58).

Here are their earned run averages following a loss: Minor (3.21); Maholm (8.31); Medlen (5.32); Teheran (5.23); Hudson (4.91). Each starter has a higher ERA following a loss than following a win.

In the Braves most recent eight-game winning streak, the starting rotation had seven quality starts and likely would have all eight games if not for a rain delay during Hudson’s start on May 21 against the Minnesota Twins. In their 10-game winning streak earlier in the year, the staff posted seven quality starts.

Meanwhile, the last time the Braves lost five of six games, the starting rotation posted just one quality start — Minor’s win against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

It’s no secret the Braves have a boom-or-bust offense in 2013. However, don’t forget the major reason for why the Braves win or lose. Quality starts key consistent success at the MLB level.

It’s an odd stat to start the year, but the rotation appears to have more confidence when things are going well, and struggles when things aren’t.

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