Jeff Samardzija Should Focus on Pitching, Not Running His Mouth

By David Fouty
David Banks-USA Today Sports

Nobody likes a trash-talker.

That’s what Chicago Cubs‘ starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija made himself look like by running his mouth Sunday against the Arizona Diamonbacks. No one really knows why he and third base coach Matt Williams were going at it, but it doesn’t matter.  Trash-talking happens all the time in sports, and the only thing you do by responding to it with more of your own is make yourself look bad.

Kirk Gibson responded to a question about Samardzija’s antics after the game by blurting out that he should “shut the f*** up and pitch.”

Gibson is spot on.  The most respectable people in sports go about their business with class.  They talk with their actions rather than their mouth.  If they get upset by something an opponent does or says, they use it as motivation to improve their game.  I’m not saying Gibson went about it in the most upstanding way he could either, but he was on the right track.

I have a hard time believing Williams didn’t provoke Samardzija and has no fault in the matter.  If that’s the case, he should probably keep his mouth shut as well next time he feels like confronting an opposing player.  That doesn’t change the fact that Samardzija knows the cameras are on him and he should try to use whatever is going on outside the game to impact his play rather than his attitude.

People will run their mouth about almost anything when it comes to sports, but the ones who’ve earned the most respect don’t return the favor.

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