MLB Power Rankings 2013: Early June Edition

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Which Team Will be No. 1?

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The calendar has turned over into the month of June and you can say the beginning of the 2013 MLB season is now over. There are teams that should know where they are at and what they need to do to improve on their current standing in their own division. I have put together my power rankings through June 2.

There should be no real surprises at the top of this list, but the fact that three of the top four teams come from the same division is quite interesting to me. That division has a very top-heavy quality to it and I expect that to continue throughout the rest of the regular season. There are still some underachieving teams out there who are seeing their season slip through their fingertips unless they turn things around in a very quick way. There are two teams in the bottom 10 that will turn it around at one point or another.

The trade deadline is now just under two months away and with 15 teams being over the .500 mark and another five teams being within four games of the break-even point, there won’t be a lot of opinions out there in terms of trades. I think we are going to see a lot of teams that are forced to stick with what they've got right now and not improve too much throughout the summer. It’s time to take a look at where I have the 30 teams ranked in their early June edition of the MLB Power Rankings.

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30. Miami Marlins (16-41)

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The worst team without any doubt, being the only team with fewer than 20 wins. They desperately need Giancarlo Stanton back to get some offense going.

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29. Houston Astros (20-37)

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This is a different team over the last week with a five-game winning streak going into play on Monday. They will still lose over 100 games, but at least there has been positives lately.

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28. Milwaukee Brewers (21-34)

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It was a bad May for Milwaukee with a 6-22 record. Corey Hart should be back soon and Jean Segura has been the best shortstop in the game.

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27. New York Mets (22-32)

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Matt Harvey is the only thing keeping this team afloat. He is 5-0 with a 2.17 ERA even after getting hammered on Sunday.

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26. Los Angeles Dodgers (23-32)

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This season has become a disaster due to injuries. Matt Kemp is now on the DL and Carl Crawford is also hurting.

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25. Seattle Mariners (24-33)

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I’m not sure what is wrong here. Felix Hernandez is pitching well and Kendrys Morales has been a surprise at the plate. The rest of the pitching staff needs to step up though.

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24. Chicago Cubs (23-32)

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Things were looking good with a five-game winning streak but have fallen apart again. The team is better than the record.

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23. Toronto Blue Jays (24-33)

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There are still a lot of problems here with a struggling R.A. Dickey and his 5.18 ERA. It’s going to be up to Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion to carry the team until the pitching comes around. I wouldn't sleep on this team just yet.

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22. Kansas City Royals (23-31)

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Here is a team that needs a lot of help offensively. They may be getting outscored by just nine runs overall for the season but are just 2-8 in their last 10 games. That won’t produce a .500 season, but I think a turnaround is coming.

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21. Chicago White Sox (24-30)

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The season is going down the tubes quickly with six straight losses. They aren’t scoring runs and nearing last place in the AL Central.

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20. Los Angeles Angels (25-32)

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It finally appears like the light has come on here. Mike Trout is hitting .294 with 10 home runs and 12 stolen bases.

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19. Minnesota Twins (25-29)

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I didn’t think they would be as good as they are right now. Joe Mauer is back to his old tricks, hitting .335 and scoring a team-high 35 runs.

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18. Philadelphia Phillies (27-30)

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This team has turned old and unproductive very quickly. Roy Halladay is going to be out most of the season and there is only so much Domonic Brown can do to carry the offense.

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17. San Diego Padres (26-30)

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The season turned around when Chase Headley returned. He has brought this team back from a 3-10 start to the year.

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16. Washington Nationals (28-29)

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There is a lot to worry about right now especially with Bryce Harper on the DL and Stephen Strasburg suffering an injury. The playoffs seem a long way off.

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15. San Francisco Giants (30-27)

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The offense isn’t producing enough especially with a struggling starting rotation. It isn’t looking too good for a repeat.

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14. Colorado Rockies (30-27)

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I like what the offense is doing as they have scored 31 more runs than their opposition so far, but they are going to win a lot more games if they want to stay in the NL West race.

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13. Cleveland Indians (30-26)

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Mark Reynolds is doing everything he can on the offensive end while Justin Masterson is holding up his end of the deal on the mound.

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12. Detroit Tigers (30-25)

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The offense is there, but the wins just aren’t coming as quickly as I would have thought. Miguel Cabrera may just win the Triple Crown again.

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11. New York Yankees (31-25)

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It is surprising how good their record is considering that they have only outscored their opponents by five runs this year.

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10. Tampa Bay Rays (31-25)

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It looks like things are improving especially with a huge year out of James Loney, who is hitting .326 to lead the team.

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9. Arizona Diamondbacks (32-24)

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Patrick Corbin has been a rookie superstar with his 9-0 record and if he can keep it up, a division title isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

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8. Baltimore Orioles (32-25)

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Chris Davis is destroying everything in his sight with a league-leading 20 home runs. He could carry this team into the playoffs again.

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7. Atlanta Braves (34-22)

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Justin Upton has looked great in his first season and if his brother B.J. can get on track, the rest of the NL needs to really watch out.

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6. Boston Red Sox (35-23)

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They have scored 289 runs over their first 58 games and lead the league in runs scored. It has been a surprising start in my opinion.

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5. Oakland Athletics (34-24)

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It is turning into the 2012 season all over again with a red-hot team that has solid pitching and great hitting.

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4. Pittsburgh Pirates (35-22)

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Starling Marte has been a revelation in the leadoff spot and is leading a team that isn’t doing much on offense to success.

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3. Cincinnati Reds (35-22)

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Joey Votto has been a beast again this season with a .336 average and 10 home runs. Mike Leake is leading the team with five wins and a 2.75 ERA.

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2. Texas Rangers (35-21)

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The best team in the AL right now keeps looking better and better for a divisional title every day. Yu Darvish is truly the ace he was expected to be.

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1. St. Louis Cardinals (37-19)

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When you outscore your opponents by 84 runs for the season and have the most wins, you deserve to lead this list. Yadier Molina is hitting .347 which doesn't hurt either.