10 Players Who Will Become Elite From 2013 MLB Draft

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2013 MLB Draft: 10 Players Who Will Become Elite

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Of the four major sports, the hardest draft to predict is in MLB. In the NFL, NBA, and NHL, GMs seem to have a better idea of how a player will project at the next level. The guess work is minimized because of the extensive scouting that is done throughout the entire process.

That is not to say the level of scouting in baseball is any less, but it is perhaps a bit more difficult. There are a number of factors teams must consider before making a selection. Do they need help with their pitching staff or with their batting order? Do they need a player who will help with their team speed or power? And perhaps the most challenging of decisions is do they want to draft a college player or one out of high school?

Often times, college players face fewer question marks about their skill set. They’ve usually been on people's radars for a while, giving scouts ample time to see them play. Also, many of them have played in high-caliber summer leagues such as the heralded Cape Cod League. In those settings teams are able to see how they perform against the best competition.

However, high school players could have higher upsides, as they have more time to develop in the minors. There is a great unknown about high school players which makes them intriguing to many GMs, but there is also a greater risk associated with them.

While it’s hard to predict how the players drafted in the upcoming MLB Draft will fare in the big leagues, here is a list of 10 players who will likely become elite when all is said and done.

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Mark Appel- Stanford-RHP

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Appel was the eighth overall pick last year but decided to return for another season at Stanford. He’s a big, powerful pitcher with four quality pitches, including a mid-90s fastball. His motion isn’t silky smooth like teams would like, but he’ll be able to tinker with that in the minor leagues. Of any prospect in the draft, Appel is the one that can’t miss. He has excellent numbers pitching in the Pac-12 and has a history of dominating lineups.

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Austin Meadows- Grayson (HS)-OF

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Another great athlete in the draft, Meadows could develop into a great outfielder in the future. Despite his big build (6’3” 200 pounds), he can still run very well and projects well in the outfield. He has nice bat speed at the plate and can spray the ball from foul line to foul line. Expect Meadows to be drafted high and work his way to the majors.

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Kohl Stewart- St. Pius X (HS)-RHP

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The 6’3” 190 pound right-hander has also signed to play quarterback at Texas A&M, so his future is in limbo. Depending on where he’s drafted, he might never attend a class at A&M; he’s that good at baseball. He’s a hard-throwing pitcher with an outstanding slider. His command of all of his pitches needs some work, but given his overall talent and athleticism, there’s no reason to believe he won’t be a star in the league some day.

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Reese McGuire- Kentwood (HS)-C

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Despite coming from the high school ranks, McGuire is the best throwing catcher in the draft. He’s got an absolute cannon and a lightning quick release. Like most young catchers, he’s a major question mark at the plate, but his defense will be his calling card. His talent behind the plate is rare, giving him an easier route to the show.

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Colin Moran- North Carolina-3B

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Moran is one of the more well-rounded players in this year’s draft. He does everything well and has no major holes in his game. Thus far he’s hit .351 at North Carolina and added 13 home runs. He’s shown good plate discipline and a great glove at third base. Some experts think Moran could go no. 1 overall.

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Hunter Renfroe- Mississippi State-OF

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At 6’1” 215 pounds, Renfrow already has a major league body. He’s had a very nice career at Mississippi State, and if his consistency with the bat improves, he’ll be an outstanding pro. He has plus power, speed, and arm strength so teams will roll the dice and hope he can become a more productive hitter.

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Travis Demeritte- Winder-Barrow (HS)-SS

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Demeritte has great bat speed, but has a lot of question marks due to his lack of experience. His swing isn’t refined, but he can drive the ball well despite some obvious holes. He has excellent power and if his mechanics improve, his power could be outstanding. He’s solid defensively, but he won’t end up a middle infielder. A move to corner infield is likely.

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Kris Bryant- San Diego-3B

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Bryant is a big, power-hitting third baseman who might face a position change in the future. At San Diego this year he hit 31 home runs which is an absurd number for the college game today. He’s got a smooth swing and can drive the ball to all fields. He might end up a corner outfielder when all is said and done, but it won’t matter, he’ll make his mark with his bat.

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Ryan Stanek- Arkansas-RHP

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Stanek hasn’t been as impressive this year as he’s been in the past, but he has the stuff to become a front line major league pitcher. He has a mid-90s fastball and a curveball that breaks sharply. He has nice size and could add a little weight to his 6’4” frame.

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Clint Frazier- Loganville (HS)-OF

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Everyone raves about the bat speed that Frazier possesses. He can really swing the bat and has great hip explosion to get his body through the zone. He projects as a corner outfielder with average speed. He has some rare skills at the plate but has a lot of work to do in order to become a more well-rounded batter. In the end, he’s a risk/reward pick that someone will probably take in the top 15 picks.