New York Mets' Ike Davis Finally Returns to Form

By matthewyaspan
ike davis
William Perlman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost as if New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis is two different people. The first is a fumbling incompetent strikeout hitter with a little league swing that seems to change every week. The second, a bona fide masher that will make you pay for every mistake.

It seems as though over the past couple days, the second Ike has decided to show his face, albeit quietly, as the Mets just got swept by the Miami Marlins and the embarrassment and outrage of losing terribly in three straight games to the worst team in the National League has left fans once again moping about their daily lives.

Of course, in Miami, nobody cares about the Marlins and are focused much more on the Miami Heat just beating the Indiana Pacers.

Ike is hitting .250 in his last 10 games, which doesn’t seem all that great until you think about his season average hovering in the .150s. His last few games,  however, have been much more impressive. He is 5-for-15 with a home run in his last four games, and he only struck out twice!

It is a bit sad that striking out twice in 15 plate appearances is worthy of celebration, but Mets fans will take any production out of the first base spot with glee, especially when Plan B is Justin Turner.

At this point, expecting Ike to finish like he did in 2012 is a lofty expectation: he’ll need to hit 27 home runs in his next 100 games, which is Bagwellian in its awesomeness; but perhaps he can outhit his .227 average from last season and get on-base at a league average or even better clip. There are four months left in the season. Let’s see if Ike can turn on the jets in time.

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