Raul Ibanez Still Has Plenty Left for Seattle Mariners

By David Miller
raul ibanez mariners
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another year and once again the Seattle Mariners are double-digit games out of first place while having plenty of talent on their roster. I’m not sure exactly where the blame should lie for their mediocrity but I know where it does not rest. It does not rest on the shoulders of one Raul Ibanez. Ibanez might not have been in the plans to be a major player on the roster this year since he was only to have limited playing time but he has come through in a huge way.

Though he doesn’t have 140 at-bats yet he already has 11 homers and his RBI total keeps climbing as well. The elder statesman of the Mariners really thrives with the on and off schedule. It keeps him fresh and he is a good enough natural hitter that his timing doesn’t falter because of the gaps in at-bats. For the Mariners he is one of the big time bright spots in a season that should be better than it is.

After all, who cares how great one pitcher for your team is if your team is headed towards last place? What these guys need is an entire team of men that put for the effort and have a fraction of the talent that Ibanez has. Getting Michael Morse back will definitely help matters if he is 100% but I have a feeling that Ibanez will be seeing a little more playing time as the season crawls on for the struggling Mariners.

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