Tony Bosch Will Testify Against Players Linked to Biogenesis Clinic; Suspension Most Likely Coming For Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun

By Dan Parzych
(Benny Sieu/USA Today Sports)

Over the last couple of months, there’s been plenty of talk surrounding Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees and Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers as their names were linked to the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami. After months of rumors swirling back and fourth, it looks like both players could be heading towards a suspension–which is the last thing any of their teams need to deal with.



That’s right, it appears Tony Bosch, who was the founder of the clinic, is ready to testify against Rodriguez, Braun, and most likely numerous other players linked to the clinic–which means the 2013 season just got even more interesting. The league has been trying to make a connection between these players for quite some time and now that Bosch is ready to testify–it looks like only a matter of time before we see a handful of suspensions handed out to numerous star players.

Unfortunately, steroids has been a problem in baseball for quite some time and even though Rodriguez has been battling injuries–the last thing the Brewers need to deal with is a suspension by Braun when they’ve already been struggling this season. Stay tuned as details continue to come out about Bosch’s agreement to testify, but one thing is for sure–this could easily shake up the 2013 MLB season.

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