MLB Draft Preview: Minnesota Twins Great Farm System is Waiting

By David Miller
minnesota Twins
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It is well known that the Minnesota Twins hold on to a couple of big name players but sell off most of the others. Yet as many big name players as they send away there are that many more waiting for their chance to shine. It is something that defies logic to see just how good the Twins have been at building and rebuilding their constant flow of prospects. With another MLB Draft upcoming the Twins are ready to add more good young players to their never ending stockpile.

Their season has turned a small corner as well and the team is playing well. I wonder if just the fact that it is draft time makes the Twins organization grow a big smile and play just that much better. Either way you can bet that the last year for the staff has been spent gearing up for this year’s big draft. Moves in the future and prospects that will affect the outcome of seasons and playoff series will be drafted over the next few days.

For all teams there will be surprises and busts in a year where there are literally no grand slam prospects. If I had to randomly chose a team to put my money behind for having the best draft I wouldn’t hesitate to pick the Twins. They have simply proven time and time again that they are one of the best organizations in Major League Baseball at scouting and adding talent. Look for them to successfully to so one again.

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