Possible Alex Rodriguez Suspension Shouldn't Concern New York Yankees

By Andy Schmidt
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who isn’t living under a rock has heard by now about the MLB preparing to suspend 20 or more players due to the latest steroid scandal. The New York Yankees could potentially lose Alex Rodriguez during this, and could lose him for the rest of the season if he were to be suspended for 100 games. I have to be honest about it. If he was suspended for that amount of time, it isn’t that big of a loss for the team.

The Yankees have fared just fine without A-Rod in the lineup with a 33-25 record going into Wednesday’s day game. They don’t really need him back right away and who knows if he will be able to play again anyway with his hip problems. It would almost be better in the long run if he did get suspended for that amount of time so he would be out for the rest of this season and can try to return at some point next year.

I am honestly very shocked by how good the Yankees have been playing this season considering all the injuries that they have dealt with. They could even find a way to make the playoffs if they can keep it up.

I want the steroid thing to go away as soon as possible for the sake of the game though. If that means Rodriguez never makes the Hall of Fame because of steroid use, that is just part of the deal. It is yet another black eye on the sport if all of this is true. Rodriguez should just focus on his rehab now and not expect to play this season or potentially the first month or two of next year as well because of this.

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