R.A. Dickey Does It All In Toronto Blue Jays Win Over San Francisco Giants

By Thom Tsang
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It was always building up to this, wasn’t it?

After two clunkers to close the month of May in which he’d teased fans with improved form, Toronto Blue Jays ace R.A. Dickey found a little bit of west coast magic on Wednesday, putting together what was easily his most dominant start of the 2013 season and leading his team to a much-needed 4-0 victory over the San Francisco Giants.

In a way, it was almost an antithesis to Mark Buehrle‘s start only a few days earlier; where the lefty had done himself no favours by making a crucial error, the knuckleballer helped himself in every way possible, including going 1-for-4 with an RBI double off Barry Zito, and later crossing the plate to score another run.

As it turns out, just the RBI would have been enough.

Dickey left the Giants outmatched all afternoon as he allowed no runs on two hits over 8.1 innings of work, and also kept his knuckler in check, only allowing a pair of free passes while striking out five. Actually, even that might be a little misleading: one of those hits and a walk both came with one out in the bottom of the ninth inning … which is to say that the righty was pretty close to a complete-game one-hitter.

Now, given how this season has gone for the bluebirds, I realize that this start doesn’t necessarily do much to stand on its own, considering the mediocrity that it’s being surrounded with. But on the other hand, not even in his eight-inning, two-earned run May 20 start has the 38-year-old looked this much like the guy that the team traded the farm for and signed.

Has the Blue Jays’ stopper finally arrived?

That’s seems like a little out there, but that’s the role that Dickey played for Toronto on this day, salvaging a split in the two-game series against the reigning World Series champs.

Take that however you will, I suppose, but considering that it follows a very strong outing from a freshly-healthy (for now) Josh Johnson the night prior … maybe fans will actually get to see this team’s on-paper rotation do its thing yet.

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