Ryan Braun Gets Grilled By Chicago White Sox Legend; Fair or Foul?

By Devin O'Barr
Frank Thomas watches new statue get unveiled
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone and their brother is weighting in on the Ryan Braun scandal, so I wasn’t very surprised when Frank Thomas opened his rather big mouth in regards to the Milwaukee Brewers slugger. As a player, Thomas was a walking base-on-balls who possessed one of the greatest eyes in MLB history, but he is seeing what he wants to pertaining to Braun.

Reportedly, the Biogenesis PED investigation in MLB got an added boost on Wednesday and are close to nailing the likes of over 20 supposed cheaters. This news prompted Thomas to immediately question Braun’s first failed drug test saying ” they handle like a million samples a year and it never happens.”

Many feel sorry for Thomas considering his 521 home run total is often overshadowed by obvious steroid users like Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds who all finished with more home runs than the ex-Chicago White Sox slugger. The following quote shows that Thomas hasn’t gotten over that these guys juiced and he is now selfishly hoping Braun and others get slammed:

“I played in an era that started all this, and I feel like I was attacked by a lot of people for underachieving when I was doing some amazing things.”

Cry my a river, Thomas; no wonder your nickname was the Big Hurt.

Either way, the Chicago hero is praying that Braun and the other steroid users get nailed so he can sit on an unscathed cloud full of everything that is right with the world — Thomas has never done anything wrong, ever, didn’t you know that?

Braun will get his fair share of abuse from the national media, yet egomaniacs like Thomas should not be looking for benefits from an investigation that no longer involves him.

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