What Does The Future Hold For Toronto Blue Jays' Melky Cabrera?

By robertjohnson
Melky Cabrera- Toronto Blue Jays
Kyle Terada- US Presswire

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Melky Cabrera was suspended last year for 50 games when he was playing for the San Francisco Giants. Now with the recent Biogenesis scandal, he could potentially be suspended again, but this time for much longer.

Since his suspension last year for using performance enhancing drugs, Cabrera has found a new home with the Blue Jays where he was hoping to put last year behind him and move on as an elite baseball player. Well, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen with ESPN’s the Outside the Lines report that was released with his name among one of the 20 players Major League Baseball is seeking to suspend in connection with Biogenesis of America in Miami.

Along with Cabrera, some of the other heavy hitters on the list are Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and Jhonny Peralta who all have trouble with steroids in the past and have since seemed to move on from the controversy. Cabrera still has a somewhat respectable name in baseball, unlike Rodriguez and other players who have continually dabbled in the steroid controversy throughout their careers.

Tony Bosch is the name behind the clinic in Miami who served some of the biggest sluggers in baseball their daily fix, and now that he’s under criminal investigation, he has agreed to cooperate with MLB and the authorities to release the information to the public that could potentially end the careers of some of those very same players he once had as clients.

Until everything is figured out — which could be a long time — let’s hope Cabrera can put this behind him and focus on helping the Jays crawl out of a huge hole in the AL East.

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