2013 MLB Draft: 5 Teams That Could Still Use Jonathan Gray’s Services

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5 Teams Who Should Take Risk on Jonathan Gray

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The 2013 MLB Draft is just hours away and Oklahoma Sooners pitcher Jonathan Gray has had quite the week thus far. He was widely regarded as the No. 1 pick before two days ago and then the young pitcher tested positive for Aderall.

Although Aderall is not something that you want your future prospect to be hooked on, Gray still has one of the best arms in the draft and this could be something that can be put aside.

Thousands of people take this drug, but it is a prescription which is dangerous when in the wrong hands. There's no doubt that Gray has learned his lesson by his possible drop in draft stock just days before being selected. If he tests positive for Aderall once again, I would be shocked.

With the No. 1 overall pick, the Houston Astros have the tough decision of whether to take a chance on Gray or go with the safe picks in Mark Appel or Kris Bryant.

In my opinion, if things pan out like they should, Gray will be an elite pitcher in this league. The Astros just have to decide if the risk is worth it and select the young college athlete.

Many believe that the league's worst team will select Gray, but that comes with a price as well. Will the Astros want to pay him big bucks if they choose him, especially with the latest positive drug test?

If they don't take him, there are many teams who would jump at the chance to do so. I am going to take a look at the top five teams who should take a risk on Jonathan Gray.

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Houston Astros

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As noted earlier, the Astros will likely jump on the opportunity to pick the guy with the electric fastball and above-average slider. They have the worst pitching staff in baseball, and Gray could give them an ace of the future.

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Chicago Cubs

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The Chicago Cubs have one of the most interesting teams in baseball. They have a below average offense, but their starting pitching is rock-solid. Having one of the best pitching staffs in baseball is just one step when trying to build a title contender. Adding Gray would put them one step closer to the playoffs.

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Cleveland Indians

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With the fifth overall pick in the draft, the Cleveland Indians are a stretch to land Gray. But if the stud drops, why not take him? They have one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball with the 26th best ERA out of 30 teams.

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Miami Marlins

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The Miami Marlins have the worst record in baseball, and the pitching staff isn't helping to make anything better. If Gray drops to No. 6, the Marlins need to take him. He may already be the best pitcher in the organization before the draft even starts.

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Toronto Blue Jays

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There may be no possible way that Gray drops all the way to No. 10, but if he does, I would be shocked to see the Toronto Blue Jays pass him up. They went into the season with one of the best pitching staffs on paper but have yet to produce. They need to go younger in order to compete.