2013 MLB Draft: Pittsburgh Pirates Make Great Pick With Austin Meadows

By Gabe Isaacson
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

With the ninth overall pick, ESPN’s Keith Law reported the Pittsburgh Pirates were “locked in” to Reese McGuire. The prep catcher is a good fit for the Pirates, as they don’t have a great amount of high-upside or high-talent catching anywhere in the organization. Law had linked the Pirates to a combination of prep and college bats with their two first round picks — the extra being at no. 9 because they failed to sign Mark Appel last year.

The Pirates ended up selecting Austin Meadows. He is a prep outfielder from Loganville, Ga. Meadows was not mocked to Pirates in many mocks because he was ranked well ahead of ninth. This was an exceptional selection by the Pirates. With two first-round picks, some expected the Pirates to take lower-ranked players to even out their money. Instead, they took the best player available by a substantial margin.

Meadows may not stay in center field, where he plays currently, but his bat would play in a corner spot as well. He runs well, but has a lot of power. This pick has received immediate praise by a myriad of experts, and it seems that the Pirates got a steal. They’ll pick again at 14th overall, giving them an opportunity to grab another falling prospect or save money. Regardless, they grabbed a player at no. 9 who will immediately be in their top-ten prospects overall. He is a high-risk, high-reward outfielder.

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