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5 Biggest Baltimore Orioles Draft Busts

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Baltimore Orioles Draft Busts

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The MLB draft takes place on Thursday, June 6 and many players will take the next step in their dream of playing in the big Leagues someday. Not all these dream are realized of course, and that is what the following slideshow will focus on with the Baltimore Orioles in the crosshairs.

The Orioles' draft history is littered with guys who just never panned out for them. Many of these lousy picks have come in the Peter Angelos era, which started in 1993. In that time, the franchise has taken 31 first-round picks and 14 of those failed to make it to the show.

Now a little bit about some of the names that won't be appearing on this list. First, right-handed pitcher Matthew Hobgood, taken with the fifth pick in the 2009 draft, gets a pass because he is still playing. He hasn't made it above A-ball yet and chances are that he will crack this list sometime in the very near future, but it may be just a bit premature right now. Then there is Wade Townsend, who the Orioles took with the eighth pick, but he never signed so he doesn't make it.

Then there is the big guy, Ben McDonald, the first overall pick in the 1989. He never did live up to the hype, but he did have four decent seasons with Baltimore. He won 58 games for them and had a solid earned run average of 3.89. McDonald wasn't the savior the team was hoping for, but he wasn't awful either.

So now let's get on with the list.

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5. Alvie Shepherd

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Shepherd was a big right-hander from the University of Nebraska that the Orioles took with the 21st pick in the 1995 draft. He struggled with his command and topped out at Double-A.

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4. Mike Paradis

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The 1999 draft was full of guys that never lived up to the potential. 11 of the first 20 picks in the draft never made it to the majors. Pitcher Mike Paradis, who the Orioles took 13th overall, was one of those. He made it up to Triple-A for all of nine games. That pick could have been used on Alex Rios, who was taken six picks later.

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3. Beau Hale

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Hale was taken with the 14th pick in the 2000 draft. The right-hander only made it to Double-A Bowie. The former Texas Longhorn saw his career stall out because of injuries. The next pick in the draft was used on Chase Utley.

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2. Chris Smith

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Smith was a lefty who liked to party more than he liked to play baseball. He never made it above A ball and his career ERA was 6.12. The only reason why he isn't higher on the list is because the 2001 draft was so awful that of the next 25 picks, the guy with the best big league career is Casey Kotchman.

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1. Billy Rowell

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Rowell was taken with the ninth overall pick in the 2006. He has washed out of baseball after two suspensions for performance-enhancing drug use. Rowell topped out at Double-A, and the Orioles could have had two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum, who was the next player selected.