Matt Krook is a Risky Pick for Miami Marlins in 2013 MLB Draft

By David Miller
miami marlins
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Marlins have four picks on the first day of the 2013 MLB Draft. One of those fell within the competitive balance round and is a bit risky. They selected pitcher Matt Krook out of high school. Krook is a plus pitcher with few negative marks against him and he could develop fairly quickly if the Marlins can get him signed. That could be a problem however and with the Marlins needing to rebuild it could be a risk they shouldn’t have taken.

Why would a team that is rebuilding risk a pick on a guy that has already said he is extremely excited about playing with the Oregon Ducks in college? I know you sometimes take a risk in the MLB Draft on a guy that might be tough to sign but if I am the Marlins, that would be a guy to stay away from. They have too many other pitchers they could have gotten that wouldn’t have been quite the risk.

With Krook they could end up with nothing if he goes to college. The only chance they seem to have is if they show him that they are capable of bringing a young arm to the big leagues very quickly considering their current situation. They’ll have to show him that he has a quicker road to the big leagues if he signs with them now. While that would be true, Krook might prefer to play for the Ducks and try to raise his stock over the next couple of years.

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