New York Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Rebuffed Tony Bosch's Request For Money

By Paul Seaver
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

Just this past March, Major League Baseball made the decision to start a lawsuit against the Biogenesis of America’s founder, Tony Bosch. According to a report from the NY Daily News, this could have been the turning point in the domino effect that has led Bosch to pursue testimony against more than 20 major league baseball stars.

According to the report, Bosch went to New York Yankees‘ third baseman Alex Rodriguez and asked him for money following the publication of the lawsuit. Rodriguez denied his request of a reported amount in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The report then explains that that’s when Bosch decided to go to the MLB.

So basically what the report is indicating is that when Bosch asked Rodriguez for money — the Yankees’ third baseman said no. Bosch turned from there obviously, and now you have this whole domino effect and a potential fallout of some of baseball’s more notable names — including Rodriguez and former MVP, Ryan Braun.

The rumors and reports like this one will certainly be coming forth on a more detailed note, especially considering the attention that this situation is bound to get. While ESPN‘s Outside the Lines originally launched the news on Tuesday about Bosch’s testimony and Major League Baseball’s decision to pursue suspensions — the process from here will no doubt take longer than you’d expect.

Baseball is going to need additional evidence to pursue the intended 100 game suspensions of both Rodriguez and Braun, in addition to some of the other names that were mentioned on the list.

So hold tight people, there’s surely more to come.


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