Arizona Diamondbacks Drafting of Cory Hahn is a First Class Move

By David Miller
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There are so many rounds in the MLB Draft because there are just that many good players available that could contribute to a MLB franchise. Those picks at the bottom might not be worth millions of dollars but they are most certainly worth a lot. For that reason and many others, the Arizona Diamondbacks drafting of former Arizona State University player Cory Hahn is classier than simple words can convey.

You see Hahn was drafted back in 2010 by the San Diego Padres in round 26 of that draft class. While he was grateful for the pick out of high school he wanted to play at ASU and raise his draft stock to that of a top round talent. It was a move that most every expert that saw him play understood and most agree that he would have been top round talent within a couple of years of playing at ASU.

Unfortunately fate wouldn’t allow that to happen for Hahn. He was injured seriously while sliding into second base during his third game for ASU. His C5 vertebrae was fractured and his spinal cord was damaged to the point that he is now paralyzed from the chest down. If you wonder why a baseball team would draft a paralyzed former player in the 34th round, you don’t know much about Cory Hahn.

His uplifting attitude has always been infectious and has only grown more so since the accident. Hahn has never stopped contributing as a student coach or in any other way he could for ASU while he also learned to drive a special car and went back to complete his degree. This is such a world class move by the Diamondbacks because it shows that they looked passed what a player could do on the diamond to what the person could do for the organization.

They do not intend this to be a draft, publicity stunt for the organization. Already they are finalizing how Hahn can be utilized as a member of the front office DBacks staff. Everyone that has ever been around this kid for any length of time understands how he has risen above his disability in a way that cannot help but encourage those blessed enough to have contact with him and his family.

What a great story of the triumph of the human spirit. Circumstances in this life can sometimes seem much harder to overcome than a double-digit deficit in the MLB standings. Hahn has shown he can overcome some of the worst that life can offer a person. Who wouldn’t want him in their organization? The DBacks had the best pick of the draft in my opinion and with this one pick they have won the respect and admiration of many people.

That isn’t true because of what they did in drafting Hahn, but rather because of why they did it. It was no publicity stunt; they wanted him bad enough to take him before anyone else could. Kudos to the Miami Marlins and Padres for also were interested in drafting Hahn. The DBacks made sure they were the team that got him because they were the team that wanted him most and may God bless them for wanting Hahn for the right reasons.

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