Improvement is a Goal for Miami Marlins and They are Achieving It

By David Miller
miguel olivo marlins
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

When a team has the worst record in Major League Baseball, you have to look other places than post season availability to see progress or goals. The Miami Marlins are the not-so-proud owners of the worst record in all of baseball but they are getting better. No, I’m not just saying that, they are getting better slowly, a little at a time. During that span they keep developing good young talent that will be a good base for their future.

They were down 3-1 to the New York Mets at one time during Sunday afternoon’s game. Late in the game they had fought back to 4 – 3 and got a game tying homer to send it to extra innings. During the tenth inning they showed what they need to do in order to win more games. The first run scored when the Mets second baseman booted a routine ground ball. That led to a sacrifice fly to score the second and the last two came in on a two-run blast.

Do you see it? First good sign was that they took advantage of the other team’s error. Not only did they score a run on the errant play but that man who was on base because of the error also scored after moving to second on the sac fly. There is the second good thing; making a good out. A ground ball would have ended the inning right there but instead a fly ball scored another run and moved another guy up 90 feet.

The homer to add the last two was just icing on the cake but you can see the execution in that tenth inning where the Marlins did the things they were supposed to do and they wound up scoring four runs and winning the game. I guess it really does matter how you play the game.

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