National League Boasts Elite Young Pitchers

By Gabe Isaacson
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The All-Star game faces a constant imbalance. Besides the World Series, it is baseball’s best marketing venue. With millions more viewers for the July exhibition than for any other single game, baseball uses the opportunity to market their best and most talented players. Though many often associate All-Star selections with strong performances, baseball must focus on selecting their most marketable players rather than rewarding players for a strong three months.

Baseball often struggles with this, as there are too many one-time All-Stars, selected simply because they have had strong performances in the first half of a season. This season, however, the National League pitching staff looks to be the perfect bunch. With the National League being dominated by young pitchers with big pedigrees, baseball can select the most successful, deserving, and marketable players all at once.

With Shelby Miller, Patrick Corbin, Jose Fernandez, Matt Harvey, Stephen Strasburg and Clayton Kershaw, the National League’s pitching staff could be a group that is selected to All-Star games for decades to come. The first four are all leading contenders for rookie of the year honors, and none of the pitchers are over 26. After huge early season success and substantial pedigrees, this group of pitchers is perfect for baseball. Their success allows baseball to reward the most deserving players while selecting players that are budding superstars and potential faces for their teams and league. With plenty of All-Star appearances and Cy Young awards likely to come out of this young group of arms, this year is just the beginning of substantial success for the National League’s elite pitchers.

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