Toronto Blue Jays' Brett Lawrie Out Longer Than Anticipated?

By Thom Tsang
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that bit about how Brett Lawrie‘s sprained ankle wasn’t going to be very severe?

Initially, the ankle was given the good ol’ day-to-day treatment, with both the Toronto Blue Jays and the player saying all the right things about how it felt better than it looked when he jammed it awkwardly on a slide into second. That was before the team put him on the the DL, but even then, that wasn’t going to be much longer than the scheduled 15-day stay.

In fact, there were even talks about how both the third baseman and star shortstop Jose Reyes could share a rehab stint and play of the field together for the first time in 2013, almost like brothers united by a common injury.

That was the prognosis before the end of June; and as we all know, simple injuries are never truly that simple with this ball club:

Look like that Reyes/Lawrie infield combo will have to wait just a little while longer yet.

Now, being that this pattern of events (1. ‘It’s okay, just a precaution!’ 2. ‘Alright so he’s on the DL, but we expect a full recovery.’ 3. ‘Yeah we have no idea when he’ll be back’) seem to happen with just about every injury that the Blue Jays go through, that there’s now a legitimate chance for Reyes to take the turf at the Rogers Centre before Lawrie does should really come as no surprise.

Lawrie, of course, would play on one leg if nobody stopped him, but considering that he’d been hitting just .209/268/.374 to this point of the season, any significant delay to his return (especially if it’s going to push towards the All-Star break) is going to to put him right in the middle of that ‘lost season’ territory … if he isn’t already there already.

With the still disappointing Blue Jays joining him in that uncomfortable place, is there any point of trying to push him to come back at all?

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