Hiroki Kuroda of the New York Yankees is Struggling

By Andrew Binninger

Hiroki Kuroda New York Yankees
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I am a bit disappointed with how Hiroki Kuroda of the New York Yankees has been doing lately. Kuroda, who I thought was the Yankees’ best pitcher, has been slumping. He has lost three of his last four starts, and his last victory came on May 17.

I thought that Friday night was the perfect opportunity for Kuroda to pick up a victory. He was going up against the Seattle Mariners, one of the weakest hitting teams in baseball. However, he gave up four runs in 6.1 innings pitched. These are numbers that will not get a pitcher a victory.

After losing two of his last three decisions, I thought that Kuroda was due for a victory. His next start will not be easy, as he will be going up against the Oakland Athletics, one of the best teams so far this season.

It is hard to explain why Kuroda is slumping. At one point this season, he was 6-1 and opposing hitters could not hit his pitches. I do not think he has an injury that is bothering him, but maybe his fast start was a fluke and he is starting to lose his form?

Then again, maybe I am overreacting and the righty will eventually get back into his groove. I hate to see Kuroda struggling because I know that he is capable of pitching much better than he has been. The Yankees ace is slumping, but it is only June. There is still plenty of baseball left, which means that there is plenty of time for Kuroda to get back on the right track.

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