New York Mets: Who Should Take Over First Base?

By matthewyaspan
ike davis
William Perlman-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Mets‘ demotion of Ike Davis was undoubtedly imminent as he has struggled to do anything meaningful with the bat for quite a long time. It is almost certainly the right move, as his already little league swing became more laughable with every stroke.

The likely reason Ike stuck around as long as he has was an injury to Zach Lutz, a corner infielder who can also man the hot corner and a right-handed minor league masher who has been waiting in the minors for his opportunity to play. No longer blocked by Davis, he was poised for a promotion before suffering an untimely injury, which, unfortunately, is not uncommon for him.

Desperate for some help, the Mets have instead promoted Josh Satin upon demoting Davis. Satin is a good, disciplined contact hitter who can play many positions. In all likelihood, he’ll platoon at first with Justin Turner. But is this the right move?

It is important to remember that both Lucas Duda and Daniel Murphy have significant experience at first base and would be significantly better options than Satin with the bat. Moving Duda to first would clear room for more Mets outfielders to try and test their mettle in left while providing significant defensive improvement.

Moving Murphy to first may be a bit more of a hassle as Murph is a plus defender at second now, and Satin’s ability isn’t much more than average there. Had the Mets called up Wilmer Flores, a move of Murph to first would be optimal to maximize Flores’ value.

Satin should get a few games at first to prove himself in the big leagues, but the Mets should be giving Duda his reps at first to make sure he can take over if necessary. If Davis doesn’t improve, Duda may be the long-term fix.

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