Vintage Dustin Pedroia In Boston Red Sox Win Over Tampa Bay Rays

By Aidan Kearney
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I love the way that Dustin Pedroia plays baseball. I love everything about it. The other day I saw someone say on Twitter that if everyone on the Red Sox played like Pedroia, 2012 never would have happened.

Last night, we saw exactly why this was so true.

Pedroia got the Boston Red Sox started off on the right foot by driving in two runs in the six-run first inning against the Tampa Bay Rays. Although this was his only hit of the night, the mighty second baseman wasn’t done and would literally save and win the game for the Red Sox later on.

In the 10th inning, he showed just why Red Sox Nation loves him. After a leadoff walk, Pedroia advanced to second on a David Ortiz ground out. Then his baseball instincts took over. Realizing that he was not being held on at second, he took a ridiculous size lead and took off for third on a pitch that struck out Mike Carp.

It was classic Pedey: always focused on doing what it takes to win.

After Pedroia and Nava scored on a Jarrod Saltalamacchia home run that gave Boston a 8-6 lead, Andrew Bailey came in to save the game and quickly gave up leadoff home run. The situation got worse when he loaded the bases and walked in a run before getting a double play to get the first two outs.

That’s when the Red Sox got the play of the game from their Superman.

Tampa Bay’s Sam Fuld pulled a surprising bunt to the right side of the infield. At that point, I resigned myself to the fact that the Red Sox would lose.  The runner from third was coming home, and it just didn’t seem like Pedroia could possibly get to the ball and throw it in the opposite direction of his momentum in time to get the runner.

But that was exactly what he did. The score remained 8-8, and the game was prolonged. The Red Sox would go on to win in 14 innings, but they wouldn’t have gotten there if not for Pedroia. He continues to be one of the most enjoyable players to watch in MLB.


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